Coping Things in 2017

There are few things bothering my mind these days.

I don’t know why but I have a tendency to overthink about every single thing happened in my life. Good or bad things, it doesn’t matter. I will overthink and I will be affected by it.


I always scared that I will end being alone. Being alone is okay but the thought of everyone is leaving scared me to death. I am scared that nobody is going to be there for me. As for now, I have the greatest support in my life. I have my family and a small circle of friends. I can rely on them any day.


I think growing up, we only need those people who can please us and not expecting too much from us. Because for me, I hate when people expect too much from me and expect me to do things for them. I might sound selfish but that’s the truth, I hate when people think I can do things for them. I will only do it willingly for someone I love or adore. I won’t do something or show my efforts for someone who I am not into. I am very honest with my needs and wants.
You know sometimes you are afraid that you will let people down because they have high expectations of you? You can’t live up to their expectations... This is why I decided that I won’t live up to anyone’ expectations. I will just do my own things and follow the flow. I will focus on my dreams and my goals not anyone’ expectations on me. Expectations bother me so much these days.


Afraid that I will end up being a failure, I always come up with a backup plan. Almost every single thing I’ve done,  I will come up with a freaking plan. Be it financial planning or any plan that I’ve created just to make my life easier and organized. I kept every receipt and I will jot-down my expenses. It becomes a habit. I really need to track my expenses because everything is so expensive these days. It becomes easier when you make it a habit. Saving up, track your expenses and manage it wisely.


Friends. I hated when people used me for their benefits. Knowing that I would do anything for my friends, some people just took me for granted. Some are using me for this, some are using me for that. It’s pretty obvious as time goes by and I’ve decided that I need to take a break from these people and re-evaluate everything. I stopped talking to a lot of people. Not because they don’t need me anymore, it’s because I don’t need them anymore. I might sound selfish but hey it’s better to stop talking to those people who used you for their own benefits.


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