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5 Things I've Learned From 2017

2017 is great.  I was tested with a lot of things basically. But I had so much fun this year!  There are 10 things or valuable lessons that I've learned throughout this amazing year. 1) Say "NO" more often. Say "YES" less. I'd say yes to the things that would help me to grow. I'd say no to the things that stopped my self-growth. I learned that sometimes you have to say yes to the unknowns. Even like you are afraid of the uncertainties in life. Saying yes means you are up for the struggles.  But if the struggles should let you grow into the whole new person. The struggles should be worth the pain. But sometimes we have to think wisely before we make a decision. Growing up means we are able to make our own decisions. It doesn't matter if the decisions are going to make us or break us. It's our own decisions.  Saying no is okay. We have to say no to things that no longer help us to grow. We have to say no to those

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