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it's been awhile, so here's my point of view or ranting on trust.

i feel like the most important thing in life, is trust. aku rasa kalau dalam sesuatu persahabatan atau perhubungan kalau tak percaya antara satu sama lain pun susah jugak.

but i think i need to admit that i have some trust issues in my life.

with people around me. yang aku sayang. yang aku peduli.

aku rasa aku tak nak percaya orang sangat sebab aku tak nak sakit lagi. what i mean, is sakit bila kena tipu. sakit bila kita percaya seseorang tapi dia buat sesuatu yang kita tak suka.

sebab tu aku jarang percaya orang.
even orang yang aku sayang.

aku pernah kena tipu. aku sayang orang sangat. and then i ended up being a brokenhearted person. 
i've let my walls down to someone. i've opened up. and someone broke my heart.

and i don't want to be in that condition anymore.

for now, it takes time for me to trust someone again. 
i've put a big walls and i don't want to let anyone to get in.

i will always remembered what my Ayah told me ; 

"jaga diri elok elok. zaman sekarang tak boleh percaya siapa siapa dah."

somehow its true.

it's somehow about everything. these days it's like you can't trust anyone on anything.

sometimes i don't understand how you can put so much trust into a relationsip, 
then in a blink of an eye, they are gone, forever, from your life.

trust me, kawan kita sendiri yang selalu dengan kita pun kadang kadang ada hasad dengki & dendam dengan diri kita. that is why it's vital to trust no one. except our parents.

what i learnt, trust is a choice. whether we want to trust someone or not. we can.
because we have choices in life. always have.

you also shouldn't get your hopes high & you shouldn't love someone too much.

i guess because that one person, i trust no one right now.

everyone ended up breaking their promises & let you down.

in friendship, i have a few really close friends that i trust a great deal, then i have those friends who i don't really trust that much but i don't keep them as close friends. more like someone just to go out and have a drink with or someone just to hang with once in a while. it is very hard to find people to trust these days, so if i let go of all the people i didn't trust i would only have about 3 friends to choose from.
always trust a few. a friend is someone you can confide all your private thoughts and fears, and hopes to knowing they will kept them safe for you. a friend is someone you can laugh with and at. if you cannot trust a person why would you want them to be your friend? could you lay down your life for someone you do not trust? God's word declares that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend. 

you can be friendly to someone you do not trust, but you should not be friends with someone you do not trust. always choose your friends wisely by character and trust not looks or popularity.

never trust anyone who wants what you've got. friend or no, envy is an overwhelming emotion.
for now, i don't have any problems in cutting off some people in my life. i don't mind losing anyone anymore. i don't mind being all alone or left out. i get used to it. life gets better. i always believe in His plans.

how about trust in a relationship?

well, here's a tip, just because you love someone, it doesn't mean that you should trust them. 
in fact, don't trust words. because everyone changes. trust actions.

"when people asked me why i don't trust everyone. i have this one solid answer: i put my trust on them and they put me down. so i don't have  another reason to tell about about that. i get hurt. pain makes me change."


Anonymous said...

Nice words and i feel the same as you

Anonymous said...

How about, if i am the one who is lying. But basically its just for the sake of our relationship. I need to have my friends. He's very protective and always felt insecure about them, no matter how many times i explained about the friendzone between us :'(

Ghuraba said...

I think it's unfair to label everyone else untrustworthy just because of that one person that betrayed you..

I understand your feelings. really. sbb sy pon pernah lalui benda yang sama. tapi macam.. kena give a chance jugak kot kat org lain. and if you really love someone you'd take the risk to trust them, even if it hurts sometimes, kan? =)

*peace out*

Liza@El@KedFlop said...

I must agree with Ghuraba. You're hurt when you're love and love take up trust. My late old good man always say, "When pipel took your trust for granted, let them be. They just lost what's will stand high and low with you." I'm a broken myself.I have trust issue. I even admit that I don't have heart. Don't endup like me; push everyone away & lock your heart inside. You're young. You have a lots to see, to feel. Don't limit yourself for just a few people that you met. I'm not good at giving words, infact I have no right to say anything. Just keep smiling I guess. It heals even took sometimes. And keep in faith in Allah taala.